Muharram 1437-  Darbare Ma'sumeen Majalis Schedule


Maulana Sheikh Aamir Yasoobi


Maulana Syed Moosa Raza


Maulana Syed Hussein Haider


Maulana Syed Abutalib Tabatabai


Maulana Syed Wasi Haider


Maulana Syed Hassan Kumayli












27-Oct-2015 till 5-Nov -2015


6-Nov-2015 till 14-Nov-2015


15-Nov-2015 till 24-Nov-2015


25-Nov-2015 till 5-Dec-2015


6-Dec-2015 till  15-Dec-2015


16-Dec-2015 till 25-Dec-2015


8:30 pm - Quran     8.35 pm - Marsia      8:45 pm - Majlis    9:45 pm - Matam    10:00 pm - Ziyarat

Niaz on selected days

 Requests to those attending:

v  Inform/Encourage other momineen to attend the majalis.

v  Do not bring Bags & cooperate with the Persons in charge of security

v  Attend the majlis on time.

v  Park your car correctly, and do not block the road or other cars.

v  Do not park your car In front of shops.

v  Keep your shoes/footwear on the designated place, not on the floor or stairs.

v  Sit at the nearest available place near mimbar.

v  Do not stand/assemble outside the hall premises.