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Procedures To Be Followed in case of any Momin's Death
Listed below are the procedures to be complied with, in the eventuality of a death of a momin:

In a case of death of a momin brother’s mother in Muscat, the following procedure was required for transporting the body back to India. Fe 2012

The facts of the case were;

1)      Death was at home

2)      It was a case of natural death

3)      There were no complications of insurance etc.

The procedure required was as follows:

1)      Inform the Royal Oman Police (ROP), the ROP team will arrive at the spot, conduct a preliminary investigation, being satisfied of the circumstances of death will arrange for the body to be transferred to the ROP hospital (in this case - ROP hospital in Qurum) 

2)      The local police station (in this case – Ruwi police station) is to be notified of the death by the employee or next of kin ( A copy of the civil card and passport of the deceased along with a copy of the civil card and passport of the employee would be required) 

3)      The police station would issue a small receipt as acknowledgement of the death reported.  

4)      The ROP hospital will issue a ‘Notification of Death’ document (very important document for the further formalities required to be completed). The ROP hospital accepts request for no postmortem, in which case the reasons for death is set out “Unknown”.  

5)      Upon procuring the Notification of Death (NoD) from the ROP hospital, a ‘No Objection certificate is required to be obtained from Indian Embassy. The Indian Embassy has a separate department for death cases (which are also available for services over weekend/holidays). 

6)      The embassy would require the following documents to issue the NOC:

a)      A letter from the employee/next of kin informing of the death and a request to issue the NoC for transporting the body to the home country and with a specific statement of not requiring a post-mortem.

b)      A letter from the EMPLOYER/SPONSOR giving a no objection for the body to be transported back to the home country without the post-mortem procedure.

c)       Copy of the Notification of Death document issued by the ROP Hospital

d)      The Original passport of the deceased. (passport will be cancelled and returned by the Embassy)

e)      Detailed information is also available on the embassy website http://www.indemb-oman.org/Guidelines_deathcases.asp


7)      The Notification of Death Document issued by ROP hospital and the No Objection Certificate issued by the Indian Embassy is to be taken to the police station (in this case Ruwi police station), the police will issue a letter for the manpower office in Seeb to issue the ‘Death Certificate’. (Also refer point 9 below)

 8)      The death certificate is to be brought back to the police station, upon receipt of a copy of the death certificate; the police station will issue a letter to the ROP hospital to release the body. 

9)      The police station can be requested to issue both letters together i.e. for the manpower office in Seeb (point no 7 above) and the letter for release of the body to the ROP hospital (point no 8 above). It is possible that the ROP may issue both the letters together at the same time. 

10)   The embalming and packing of the body can be arranged through the ROP hospital.  

11)   The embalming and packing agent/hospital needs to issue 3 certificates (this is a standard requirement and the hospital authorities provide the same);

·         Certificate of no infectious disease

·         Certificate of embalming procedure

·         Certificate of packing sanitized

 12)   The body needs to be booked with the cargo section of the airline.

Air India provides human remains (HUM) transportation for Free, however other airlines charge approximately OMR 125/- (for Mumbai). The cargo section has to be pre-informed that an HUM (human remains) is required to be airlifted to the home country. Booking can be made upon issue of the death certificate. The airline would require the certificates listed above (point no 11) issued after embalming and packing along with 11 copies of the following documents:

·         Copies of cancelled passport along with visa page and resident card

·         Cancelled passport for verification

·         Copy of the death certificate.

The process of preparation for HUM at the cargo section takes an hour to two approximately, based on available documentation, before the body is taken into custody by the airlines.

 Enough copies of the passport, certificates should be kept along for this procedure as there are no facilities available in and around the Muscat airport currently.

 Upon landing at the Indian airport, the person travelling along with HUM should get in touch with the ground staff at the airport along with the original set out documents provided to the cargo. The ground staff at Indian airport will guide the person to the cargo section from where the HUM can be taken.

Alternative info earlier compiled

Hospital / Medical Centre:

* Doctor will certify the patient as dead
* A death declaration is issued which mentions the cause of death.
* Passport photocopy of the deceased is required to be submitted.
* Hospital prepares the body to be taken to the mortuary.
* The police PRO at the hospital registers the death and forwards the required documents to the area police station.(list?)
* Hospital awaits for NOC from the ROP to release the body / prepare for embalming for dispatch to the native country, as the case maybe.

ROP requirements

ROP requires following documents after issue of original death declaration from Hospital ,before Issue of NOC :-

1. NOC from the embassy of the deceased national.( attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs located in the Embassy area)
2. Waiver of post-mortem from the ROP hospital

1.Obtaining NOC from the concerned country Embassy:
(the procedures enlisted herein are of the Indian embassy. They would be standard for embassies for other countries too, however, it is advisable to double-check the requirements before hand.)

Docs reqd:-

* Letter from the sponsor of the deceased requesting the embassy to issue a NOC towards handing over custody to the next of kin for performing the final rites locally or for transporting the corpse to the native country. The letter should also request for the waiver of the post-mortem.(format a)
* Letter from the next of kin who would be taking custody of the dead body, requesting the embassy to allow him to carry out the final rites / ship the body to the native country and for the bypass of the post-mortem.(format b)
* Original passport of the deceased (for cancellation)
* Copy of the passport of the next of kin
* Copy of the labour card of the next of kin
* Fee as applicable

Once these documents are submitted the embassy issues a general NOC "to whomsoever it may concern" and cancels the passport of the deceased..This has then to be attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs located in the Embassy area.

2.Waiver of post-mortem from the ROP hospital:

* It is done at the ROP hospital at Qurum
* Submit the original death declaration and copy of the NOC from the embassy to the Doctor at the mortuary section of the hospital.
* The doctor makes his investigations on the cause of the death and asks a few questions to the next of kin. Based on this information, he marks in arabic "post-mortem to be waived" on the face of the declaration of death.
* The hospital retains a copy and hands over the original.

NOC from the area police station:

* Letter from the sponsor of the deceased stating their no objection to the next of kin taking custody of the dead body and carrying out its final rites locally or in the native country. This letter must be in arabic.
* Copy of death declaration certificate duly endorsed by ROP hospital for post-mortem waiver.
* Copy of NOC from the embassy.
* Copy of labour card of the next of kin.
* Upon submission of the above the ROP will prepare their final report and forward the file (blue color) to the CID section at Ruwi police station.
* The ROP at Ruwi will issue a final NOC addressed to the PRO of the hospital/mortuary where the body is lying in custody.
* A certificate of burial from the owner/trustee of the graveyard has to be submitted at this office.

The above procedure is for carrying out the burial locally. In case of shipment of the body to the native country, certain clauses will change:

* All letters and NOC will mention the shipment.
* A fee of R.O. 120. will have to be made at the ROP hospital, Qurum.
* The hospital will inform the mortuary to prepare for the the embalming of the body.
* The Embassy will issue a separate NOC for the shipment to the native country.
* The Airline has to be notified accordingly.

After the body has been claimed. Arrange for the transfer of the corpse to the graveyard through the hospital or externally. There is a committee of momins who are very helpful in providing ghusl, kafan and tadfeen rituals. They are :

* Mohd. Redha Shabaan - (m) 99311557
* Fida Husein - (m) 99315884

* Haji Mustufa - Muttrah Pharmacy - (o) 714526 (r) 798565

The care taker of the ajmi graveyard at jibroo is ISaed Salman  99357761 brahim al Awadh (m) 99335987

The care taker of the ajmi/Muscat graveyard at Muscat/sidab is Sayed Sharaf 99775934

The care taker of the Sohar Graveyard at sohar is Mohsin Ghuloom 9926999

Grave charges are RO:50/-

The incharge for affairs of the dead at ruwi police station is hudaib al rashdy

Carry along an influential Omani person. he will be very helpful to expedite all the above formalities.

Carry spare copies of the passport, labor card, declaration of death etc.

Please pray that the Expatriate momin population has their own graveyard in Muscat asap

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Please also see www.duas.org/death.htm for death related procedues /duas