Procedure for Obtaining Iran Visa - July 2015


Agent 1

Yasser Beigzadeh [Mr]|General Manager

Desert legend travel & tours
P. O. Box: 1417 | Seeb, 

Postal Code 121, Sultanate of Oman
Tel: (+968) 24564368 - 24564388 
Gsm: (+968) 99269726




Building with Iran Insurance board :-at Pent House

Location: Between the Al MAha petrol station/Hardees, and Polyglot Institute. Wattayya



Agent 2

Bhawan Travel Company Madinat Qaboos Al Bashaer street Near Pizza Hut Tel 24607401

Agent 3

IRAN Aaseman Airline company Ruwi CBD Near Bank Melli Iran 24815569




Insurance ( see below)

Letter of consent form sponsor

Original Passport

One passport photograph - blue background

Resident card copy details


 Iran Insurance, is on the second floor of the same building. Ask to get insurance for travel to Iran. You will be charged depending on how long you are going for. This will be done right there, and you will get your insurance document on the spot.  to take to the agent .Take the receipt and show it to Desert Eagle, situated at the penthouse. 

For a thirty day visa, single entry, eligible over a three month period, the cost is 19 rials


Give the documents, fill out the form.( click here )  Take with you an address of where you will be staying and your residence card to fill out the form. Submit the form, pay the money, collect a receipt. 


Depending on your nationality, you will be issued the visa. For an Indian passport, it takes about four working days - the person you speak to will tell you when to come back to collect your passport.


Return to Desert Eagle on the day they ask you to, show the receipt, and collect passport. 


Inshallah Ziarat Qabool.


GUIDANCE for Zawwar   CLick here for ziarat

From: Dr Mohammed Husein Sajun <>
Date: 21-08-2015 8:21 AM (GMT-05:00)

 We had recently (July-Aug 2015) gone for Iran Ziarat & I would like to share my experiences for benefit of prospective Zaireen.

·         Accommodation in both Qom & Mashhad is excellent at Kanji Musafirkhana, Qom - Tm 12,000 & Mashhad – Tm 15,000 per head per day. Booking for both Musafirkhanas can be done by calling Agha Amir on  Mob No: 00989121535580.   He speaks Urdu as well.

·         Musafirkhana in Qom is about 10 mins walk from Haram. In Mashhad about 20 mins walk. However, one can easily take taxi for Tm 5,000 to/from gate of Haram.

·         In Qom, Supermarket is about 100m from Musafirkhana, on Right side.

·         In Mashhad, Supermarket is about 150m on the Left after coming out of Musafirkhana lane. In both cities, plenty of Restaurants nearby. Typical Chicken Biryani (Chelu Morg) costs around Tm 9,000 - 10,000.

·         Better to carry only small amount of Tm from home. Good exchange rates at Money Exchange outside Gate 3 of Haram in Qom. Dhs get almost as good a rate as USD. In Mashhad Exchange is far from Haram.

·         In Qom, old graveyard outside Gate 3 (In market area). Do visit & recite Fateha for some great personalities buried there.

·         In both Musafirkhanas, gas cooking stoves are available.

·         Taxi from IKA to Qom cost us Tm 120,000. Qom Musafirkhana is next to Hotel Khurshid on Khayaban Saduq, near Pul-e-Ahanchi (map attached).

·         Mashhad Musafirkhana address – Sarshour 29 (Bist-o-nou in Farsi), Block 9, (3rd Bldg on R in Street No. 29)

·         Taxi from Qom to Imam Khomeini Roza (75 mins halt), then Shah Abdul Azeem (90 mins halt), then lunch (about 45 mins) & back to Qom cost us Tm 200,000. Musafirkhana Manager Agha Hosseini will arrange for Taxi.

·         Taxi from Qom Musafirkhana to Tehran Meherabad Airport- Tm 120,000.

·         Taxi from Mashhad Airport to Musafirkhana- Tm 15,000 and return around Tm 10,000 (please fix price before you step in Taxi).

·        Taxi from Musafirkhana to Jamkaran Masjid- Tm 15,000 (AC) & Tm 10,000 (non-AC) – Don’t take non-AC in summer unless you want to be roasted alive.

·         1.5 L Water bottle around Tm 800 (though most Supermarkets charge Tm 1000 &  1 L Milk Tm 3000

·         Mashhad  Musafirkhana Manager- Agha Raza Homaee (Pakistani) Mob No: 00989151156150

·         Please use Bab-ul-Javad only for Entry/Exit if staying at Mashhad Musafirkhana & Gate 3 for Qum Musafirkhana.

·         In Mashhad paying about $75 for Qurbani of sheep/goat gets you 1 ticket for Dastarkhan of Imam (A.S). This donation can be given at office outside Babe Navab Safavi. Dastarkhan Timings are 11am - 2pm.

·         In Mashhad, Maulana Fayaz: ( Mob No: 00989363713778 ) & Sheikh Abdul Khaliq Jafari (in Hur Ameli) (Mob No: 00989388703434) speak Urdu & can be of help to Zaireen.

·         Please do pick up map of Haram from information office near all entrances. Really useful when moving about.

·       Good Quality foodstuff available in Razavi Store (outside Bab-ul-Javad on the Right)