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Moulana Mohammed Mian - Zikr Ali Ibadat 11 Nov2012

2011/12 Mp3 Selected >> Aga Nadir mp3 majalis on Azadari importance | 

Moulana Kumayl Mehdavi click here

Moulana Shahryar Abidi->  3rd Jan ,  Last , Click for his Aqaed/fiqh lectures

Moulana Dawoodani -Summary Majlis Why is the Message of Prophets not accepted NEW

Moulana Sy Razi Jaffer Naqvi mp3


Thursday Majalis by Moulana Syed Hashim Jafry at Darbare Masomeen  Some mp3 click here

Dec 2010 ->Moulana Kumayl Mehdavi mp3  | Moulana Dawoodani Mp3 
Ramadhan Majalis 2007 
 |  Moharram Majalis 2008  | 

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