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  at Darbare Masomeen - (location Family Shopping centre at Ruwi)  

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Ramadhan Majalis Darbar-e-Ma'soomeen (as)  


15 to 29 Ramadhan  - Moulana Ghulam Raza Roohani - Topic : Tashreeh of Sura Ankaboot

Daily - 8.45 marsiya   9.10 pm- Majlis,    10:00 pm- Ziyarat


Aamal on 19 ,21 & 23 Ramadhan nights - 11 pm to 2.30 am


Wadi Kabir Mosque - Majlis by Moulana Mohammed Ali Ghayyuri from 15 to 23 Ramadhan daily at 9.15 pm

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Diniyat Classes  at Muscat Every Friday at 9 AM. Contact 95140034  Brief details presentation pdf  Admission Form Boys Classes Notes:  Boys Girls

Quran & Diniyat activities for Boys & Girls during the holy month of Ramadhan. Self learning course Boys & Girls Ramadhan Course

 Omani Arabic Fiqh Site:-  |  Graveyard Muscat | Death Procedure  

MOULANA SYED HASHIM RAZA JAFRY  who served the community for over 10 years returned to his creator 25 June 2015 & was buried in Wadiussalaam Najaf on 3rd July Pease recite a Sura Fatiha for him

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Selected Majalises MP3
26th Rajab-  Death Abu Talib A.S
27th Rajab - Besatt Rasool Azam SAWW  
28th Rajab- Imam Hussain A.S. Rukhsati from Madina
29th Rajab- Thursday Parents
11th Zilqad- Birth Imam Reza A.S
29th Zilqad- Martyrdom Imam Taqi A.S
18th Zilhajjj- Eid-e-Ghadir
24th Zilhajj- Eid-e-Mubahila
Azadari concepts
Family issues -Thursday

"Fatmiya 1" 1434- Moulana Sadiq Hasan   Youtube playlist

Zikr Ali Ibadat "  by Moulana Mohammed Mian 25 Nov 12

Shahadat Imam Kazim 2016 -Moulana Abu Talib


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