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Daily Majalis in Ramadhan 8.30pm Dua Iftitah 9 pm Majlis ( Moulana Ghulam Raza Roohani 1- 15 ) followed by  Quran recitation by Qari

Diniyat Classes  at Muscat Every Friday at 9 AM. Contact 95140034  Brief details presentation pdf  Admission Form Boys Classes Notes:  Boys Girls

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Quran & Diniyat activities for Boys & Girls during the holy month of Ramadhan. Self learning course Boys & Girls Ramadhan Course


 Omani Arabic Fiqh Site:- | Masjid Rasool Program |Muscat Omani azadari film Graveyard Muscat | Death Procedure  


Moulana Syed AbuTalib Tabatabi is available in muscat for momineen to consult


Moulana Syed Hashim Raza Jafry who served the community for over 10 years returned to his creator 25 June 2015 & was buried in Wadiussalaam Najaf on 3rd July Pease recite a Sura Fatiha for him

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Selected Majalises MP3
26th Rajab-  Death Abu Talib A.S
27th Rajab - Besatt Rasool Azam SAWW  
28th Rajab- Imam Hussain A.S. Rukhsati from Madina
29th Rajab- Thursday Parents
11th Zilqad- Birth Imam Reza A.S
29th Zilqad- Martyrdom Imam Taqi A.S
18th Zilhajjj- Eid-e-Ghadir
24th Zilhajj- Eid-e-Mubahila
Azadari concepts
Family issues -Thursday

"Fatmiya 1" 1434- Moulana Sadiq Hasan   Youtube playlist

Zikr Ali Ibadat "  by Moulana Mohammed Mian 25 Nov 12

Shahadat Imam Kazim 2016 -Moulana Abu Talib


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